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Last year  was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family. It was ok, but I felt like a lot was missing. It was not like our normal Thanksgiving dinners. So this year I am committed to cooking food that tastes like real food.

So far I am planning on cooking:

Turkey (I am still trying to find a gluten free brand)

My grandmas sweet potatoes (best things Ihave ever tested, Trying to figure out how to do it gluten free)

My moms mashed potatoes (Trying to figure out if rice milk will work to replace the whole milk)

Stuffing (This is the big one. Most gluten free stuffing I have found either has corn or sugar in it, so I am still working on finding stuffing cubes I can use)

Lemon Bars ( I have an amazing lemon bar recipe, I am so excited to make these again)

Pumpkin Pie (I am still looking for an amazing gluten free pumpkin pie recipe)


As I get closer to Thanksgiving I will post recipes to these as I find them.  If anyone has any recommendations for any of these recipes that would be awesome.


Thanks for reading