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Orange Chicken Recipe

As we all know, being a celiac and dating can be quite difficult. I recommend cooking dinner for a date, that way you know what you are eating is 100% safe, and you also know that your date is eating gluten free as well, leaving the option for the goodnight kiss…

I had a date last week and decided to cook for the two of us. I don’t usually experiment with new recipes when I am cooking for others but I wanted to make orange chicken. I used to eat it all the time before I went gluten free and had been craving it. Here is the rough recipe, I highly recommend it, it turned out to be very tasty

Now when I cook I do not measure, so the measurements are rough estimates:

Orange Chicken:

6 Chicken Cutlets

Green Onion

White Rice Flour (flour of your choice)

1 Egg (This is for the breading, you can use egg alternative)

Brown Rice Syrup

Agave Nectar

2 Oranges

Red Pepper Flakes

Turbanado Sugar

Step 1: Bread the chicken cutlets.

Step 2: Put in pan with olive oil and green onions and let the chicken cook through

Step 3: Cut up chicken into bite size pieces

Step 4: Put in Agave Nectar (Around 3 tablespoons)

Step 5: Squeeze one orange into pan. Stir, let cook

Step 6: Put in brown rice syrup and a dash of sugar. I put in enough brown rice syrup to coat all the chicken once it is stirred in. Since brown rice syrup is not sweet the sugar really helps

Step 7: Brown so the chicken gets crispy, add the second orange and the red pepper flakes.

Step 8: I always serve this with white rice and sometimes shredded carrot and zucchini cooked with ginger and lime seasoning

I am telling you, this recipe is awesome! Very tasty. All my gluten eating friends love it, and my date was definitely a fan.