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The High Cost Of Gluten Free Living

Here is an article I stumbled across about the cost of gluten free living. Anyone on this diet knows that it is significantly more expensive than any other diet. Being gluten free requires being smart about your grocery spending.

“The fall 2008 issue of the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research recently published the findings of a study designed to assess the differences in the costs of gluten-free foods compared to “regular” foods. Anyone on a gluten-free diet knows that a gluten free diet costs more than a traditional diet. But how much more? You may want to sit down.

The study was conducted by the Dalhousie University Medical School, Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics. University researchers compared the unit cost of 56 gluten-free foods and “comparable gluten-containing foods” from the same food group at two large grocery chains in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unit costs per 100 grams of food were calculated in dollars.

What the researchers found:

  • The average unit cost of the gluten-free product – $1.71
  • The average unit cost of the gluten containing products – $.61
  • Gluten-free foods, on average, cost a whopping 242% more than regular, gluten containing foods!

What can you do to avoid the exorbitant cost of gluten-free foods?

First of all, avoid gluten-free junk foods. Cookies, chips and other gluten-free snack foods flooding the market are expensive- and most are made with highly refined cheap starches. Read the nutritional labels carefully before parting with your hard-earned money! If they are loaded with refined carbohydrates, sugar and not much else, are they really worth the price?”

Here is the link for the original article:

The High Cost of Gluten Free Living