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My Gluten Free Goals For 2010

As the new year begins I have realized that major changes in my life are in store. One of those changes is that I want to become more involved in the gluten free world.

I have already begun that process by starting my own gluten free Meetup.You can check that out here: http://www.meetup.com/The-Denver-Gluten-Free-Gang/ My goal with this group is to create a place for fellow celiacs to share stories, frustrations, recipes and support. I am really excited for this!

I am also going to try to commit more time to my blog. I really want to turn it into a one stop resource for everything and everyone looking for gluten free information.  I have added a resource page. This page is going to be full of websites that I find useful.

My other gluten free goal for 2010 is to create my own recipes to post here, so check back for those.

As always, thanks for reading! I appreciate the support



Celiac For Beginners

I have had a lot of clients recently telling me that there child, sister, cousin, friend, etc. have just found out that they are allergic to gluten. I always try to offer them some sort of information. Here is a great video I came across  today. It has some awesome basic information on celiac disease.

Scitimes Video: A Profile of Celiac Disease



Why I am Happier Living Gluten Free

I saw a tweet on twitter a few days ago that has inspired this blog post.  It was from @glutenfreedude and the tweet was: “GF Discussion Forum: What are your reasons to celebrate being gluten-free? Article Link #gfree #celiac”

Here is why I personally celebrate my gluten free lifestyle:

My health: I feel like I can enjoy so much more now because I don’t feel sick all the time.

My sanity: I don’t feel crazy for feeling so bad all the time, I now know it wasn’t all in my head

Eating on Purpose: I feel blessed to have to think about what I put into my body. I can no longer mindlessly eat fast food and junk food.

The Education: I feel like I have learned so much about health, our bodies, and the true impact the American lifestyle has on our bodies. I love learning about Celiac disease and other peoples experiences with it. I also love being able to pass the things I learn onto other people who may not understand what we go through

Getting Creative with Food: When I first went gluten free EVERYTHING tasted the same. 2 years later I can now cook some great gluten free dishes and I love learning and creating new recipes all the time.

Getting Creative with my Social Life: Because I don’t eat at restaurants anymore I have to put thought into meaningful and fun things I can do with my friends.  This may not sound like a good thing, but I feel like I spend more quality time with people now, we don’t default to eating out in order to spend time together.

All and all, even though it hasn’t been all fun I really truly enjoy the gluten free lifestyle. I feel like it is a blessing in my life.

Food Allergy Awareness Walk – Denver, CO

I just signed up for this, if you are in Colorado, I hope you are attending on Sunday. I will write on Monday with a full report of the event. Food Allergy Awarenesss Walk

Join others in Denver as they walk to raise funds for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.

When: Sunday, August 16, 2009. Check in begins at 9.00 am, walk at 10.00am

Where: Washington Park, S. Franklin St. & Mississippi Ave., Denver CO, 80209

How far: 2.25 miles

To register, volunteer or donate, click HERE.

Contact: faanwalks@foodallergy.org or call (800) 929-4040 and press “3″ for the Events Department

Know of other local events in your area, share the knowledge with AllergySense.

Not Just Allergic To Gluten

Being a Celiac is hard enough, but what do you do when you have a laundry list of other things you are allergic to?

Here is my list:



Peanuts and Almonds

Any Sugar more refined than Evaporated Cane Juice




Bell Peppers

House Cleaners




Their may be more, but Im not sure I want to know

With all these allergies it makes finding prepared gluten free food that I can eat very difficult.  I found a new bakery in Denver the other day called Debys Gluten Free Bakery, I was so excited! My thought was hopefully I will finally be able to buy some perpared foods, BUT….Everything is made with refined sugar! So frustrating. Plus all the Glutino products contain soy, a lot of gluten free products are made with corn.

To my understanding, sometimes the dairy, and corn allergies can begin to subside once the intenstine begins to heal. I am hoping this is the case. It certainly would make eating a lot easier.

I would love some to hear if anyone else has had experiences with other sensitivities going away the longer you are gluten free.

Thanks for reading

Too Tolerant of Gluten-Intolerance? WHAT?

Last week their was an article posted on Slate.com. Many of you probably read it, and if you are anything like me you probably found it somewhat offensive.

The article is: Throwing Out the Wheat. Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?

By Daniel Engber

First of all the title, “Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?” Seriously? Seriously? Who in their right mind would think this. Any one who has an experience with a gluten free diet knows that people are, if anything, not very tolerant about it. Families don’t get it, friends don’t get it, co-workers don’t get it.

Celiacs not being able to eat gluten is not a personal attack on the staple crops of the America, as Daniel alluded to. And what is the problem with being health consious? Just becaue people are taking their own health into their own hands is a good thing. Is it a bad thing for the companies using chemicals that are not helathy for human consumption, yes, but it’s time that we demand stricter food labeling laws.

I could go on and rant about this article for hours, but I wont. Here is the link to the original article: Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?

After you read that article, read this one. This is a fantastic response to Daniel’s article, and much nicer than the response I would have made… Ron Hoggan\’s Response to Unfortunate \”Throwing Out the Wheat\” Article in Slate

I urge you all to read both articles, and comment. Espcially on the orginal article. As celiacs, or gluten-intolerant we need to stand up for ourselves.

The Fear of Bread

I know I have not updated my blog in a while, and I actually don’t have time right now. I will do an actual post tomorrow, but here is something funny to tide you over…