Celiac For Beginners

I have had a lot of clients recently telling me that there child, sister, cousin, friend, etc. have just found out that they are allergic to gluten. I always try to offer them some sort of information. Here is a great video I came across  today. It has some awesome basic information on celiac disease.

Scitimes Video: A Profile of Celiac Disease




Zuchinni Cakes

I absolutely love zucchini. I eat it almost everyday. After a while I began to get bored with all my zucchini recipes so I went in search of new idea. I have finally figured out how to make zucchini cakes, and they are AMAZING!

Here’s the recipe. (once again, I don’t really measure things so all of these are estimates, the batter should be pretty thick or else it doesn’t cook properly.)

2 zucchinis shredded

1/2 onion shredded

1-2 eggs

Shredded Cheese ( I use rice cheese)

1/2 cup- 1 cup Gluten Free Flour Blend ( I use Aunt Kay’s flour blend)

Put the zucchini, onion, salt, pepper, cheese, and egg in a big bowl. Mix them, then add the flour.  Depending on how big the zucchinis are you may need to add the extra egg and the extra 1/2 cup of flour. Like I said, you want the mix pretty thick.

Try and make the patties pretty flat, rather than round before you drop them into the oil to fry them. They cook more evenly this way. Spoon in a few patties at a time, fry until golden brown, then let them cool and drain.

I squeeze lemon onto them, you could always eat them with ranch dressing, or some other sort of dressing.

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A Few of my Favorite Things

I have decided to start putting together a list of my favorite gluten free products. I will be adding to this list as I find more good stuff.

My absolute favorite baking mixes are the Namaste mixes. I especially love their pancake mix (add blueberries!) and their brownie mix. For the brownie mix I usually use all whip one of the egg whites to stiff peaks and add it with the rest of the eggs. This makes the brownies a little lighter.

My favorite:

Pasta- Tinkyada brown rice pasta

Soda- As of yesterday it is now Oogave Soda. The ginger ale is a little intense, but I’ve heard great things about the cola.

Sausage- Applegate Farms Italian Turkey and Chicken Sausage. Soooo good!

Bread- Debys Italian Bread.

Cereal- Lundberg Farms Creamy Rice Cereal.  This is great on cold days with brown sugar or maple syrup and butter in it

Chocolate Chips- Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

My favorite place to purchase gluten free products in Denver is Debys Gluten Free Bakery. www.debysglutenfree.com. There noodles, bread, and waffles are absolutely amazing!

Like I said, I am in the process of coming up with a complete and organized list of gluten free products that I love, but here is a start. If you have any products you love and think I should try let me know.

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Why I am Happier Living Gluten Free

I saw a tweet on twitter a few days ago that has inspired this blog post.  It was from @glutenfreedude and the tweet was: “GF Discussion Forum: What are your reasons to celebrate being gluten-free? Article Link #gfree #celiac”

Here is why I personally celebrate my gluten free lifestyle:

My health: I feel like I can enjoy so much more now because I don’t feel sick all the time.

My sanity: I don’t feel crazy for feeling so bad all the time, I now know it wasn’t all in my head

Eating on Purpose: I feel blessed to have to think about what I put into my body. I can no longer mindlessly eat fast food and junk food.

The Education: I feel like I have learned so much about health, our bodies, and the true impact the American lifestyle has on our bodies. I love learning about Celiac disease and other peoples experiences with it. I also love being able to pass the things I learn onto other people who may not understand what we go through

Getting Creative with Food: When I first went gluten free EVERYTHING tasted the same. 2 years later I can now cook some great gluten free dishes and I love learning and creating new recipes all the time.

Getting Creative with my Social Life: Because I don’t eat at restaurants anymore I have to put thought into meaningful and fun things I can do with my friends.  This may not sound like a good thing, but I feel like I spend more quality time with people now, we don’t default to eating out in order to spend time together.

All and all, even though it hasn’t been all fun I really truly enjoy the gluten free lifestyle. I feel like it is a blessing in my life.

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about something that helped restore my faith a little bit in non-celiacs understanding celiacs.

I had been in a relationship for 4 and a half years, and thankfully when I found out I was celiac we both went gluten free together. I never had to worry about cross contamination or anything. I felt so lucky. So when that relationship ended, and I realized I had to start dating again, I was really scared. I was afraid first of all to tell people, “hey I can’t eat anything” and I was also afraid of how to address things like brushing your teeth before kissing, etc.

So, long story short. I finally met someone who I was interested in. It took me a few weeks and a ridiculous amount of text messages, to finally come out with my entire list of allergies. To my surprise she completely accepted my allergies, and even started doing research about gluten free living.

A few weeks into dating she realized that when I went to her house, unless I brought food, I never ate. So she has found a gluten free cooking class to take, is going to attend a gluten free convention with me, and is in the process of buying separate pots, pans, and basic dishes so I can safely eat.

These gestures mean so much to me because it means that some people really do care.

I would love to hear anyone elses stories about friends or family that really do understand. I feel like a lot of what I hear is horror stories about no one understanding and how lonely the diet can be.

Thanks for reading.

Am I Afraid Of Gluten?

I have noticed a very strange phenomenon since, well even before I went gluten free. The final thing that brought me to my celiac diagnosis was my anxiety problems. I had a serious social anxiety disorder and no one could figure out why, yes my childhood was weird, yes I had normal stress, but I had an anxiety that could not be cured no matter how much therapy I went through. FINALLY I met my current therapist who referred me to a naturopath. This guy told me to cut the gluten and refined sugar, and miraculously I started feeling better. Stomach and anxiety wise.

So now 2 years later my anxiety is pretty in check, but I have recently started noticing something strange. A few days ago I went to an entirely gluten free bakery. I walked in, got a huge whiff of the baking goods, and I panicked! Just the thought of being in a bakery, picking up a loaf of bread, and I flip out. It must be a deep rooted psychological reaction to the 22 years I was poisoning my body. But my question is, how do I conquer my deep subconscious and convince myself that going to a bakery and getting a loaf of bread is not going to make me sick. That night I made sandwiches for dinner. As I was cooking the bread and making my sandwich, I got the panic feeling again. It took me a lot of convincing myself that the bread really was gluten free to be able to eat my sandwich. Has anyone else encountered this sort of thing or am I just crazy?

Food Allergy Awareness Walk – Denver, CO

I just signed up for this, if you are in Colorado, I hope you are attending on Sunday. I will write on Monday with a full report of the event. Food Allergy Awarenesss Walk

Join others in Denver as they walk to raise funds for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.

When: Sunday, August 16, 2009. Check in begins at 9.00 am, walk at 10.00am

Where: Washington Park, S. Franklin St. & Mississippi Ave., Denver CO, 80209

How far: 2.25 miles

To register, volunteer or donate, click HERE.

Contact: faanwalks@foodallergy.org or call (800) 929-4040 and press “3″ for the Events Department

Know of other local events in your area, share the knowledge with AllergySense.