Thanksgiving Success

I know I am a little late writing about  Thanksgiving, but I think it is worth a little post. I am pleasantly surprised at how well my Thanksgiving turned out.Not only did the food turn out great, but it was a real turning point for me family. As you may know from an earlier post I have had issues with my family understanding my gluten allergy. It has always been a problem, or a big hassle. Last years Thanksgiving was pretty much disastrous. Everyone complained about the food I made the entire time. The fact that it was all gluten free was a joke to them. I was very discouraged and never really wanted to host Thanksgiving again.

This year I was determined to make it different! I invited my entire family came over early in the day so they could help cook.  This time everyone felt involved.

My mom got to decorate my house and help cook here and there.

My grandma go to make her candied sweet potatoes and stuffing, and my grandpa got to peel all the mashed potatoes.

My dad even got in some really good reading time.

We also had a new addition to our Thanksgiving this year. Our dinner would not have been successful without her. She figured out how to move the racks in my oven. She was such a great sport. She helped out wherever she was needed. As she said it, she had never heard her name so many times. I’m so glad she was here this year to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

The things I was most grateful for this year were spending the day withe people I love, enjoying an absolutely amazing gluten free dinner and having my family take part in cooking the meal.

You can check out more pictures from  Thanksgiving here:


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