A Few of my Favorite Things

I have decided to start putting together a list of my favorite gluten free products. I will be adding to this list as I find more good stuff.

My absolute favorite baking mixes are the Namaste mixes. I especially love their pancake mix (add blueberries!) and their brownie mix. For the brownie mix I usually use all whip one of the egg whites to stiff peaks and add it with the rest of the eggs. This makes the brownies a little lighter.

My favorite:

Pasta- Tinkyada brown rice pasta

Soda- As of yesterday it is now Oogave Soda. The ginger ale is a little intense, but I’ve heard great things about the cola.

Sausage- Applegate Farms Italian Turkey and Chicken Sausage. Soooo good!

Bread- Debys Italian Bread.

Cereal- Lundberg Farms Creamy Rice Cereal.  This is great on cold days with brown sugar or maple syrup and butter in it

Chocolate Chips- Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

My favorite place to purchase gluten free products in Denver is Debys Gluten Free Bakery. www.debysglutenfree.com. There noodles, bread, and waffles are absolutely amazing!

Like I said, I am in the process of coming up with a complete and organized list of gluten free products that I love, but here is a start. If you have any products you love and think I should try let me know.

Thanks for reading


One response to “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. i really like foodshouldtastegood tortilla chips which are gluten free and come in very interesting flavors.

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