Am I Afraid Of Gluten?

I have noticed a very strange phenomenon since, well even before I went gluten free. The final thing that brought me to my celiac diagnosis was my anxiety problems. I had a serious social anxiety disorder and no one could figure out why, yes my childhood was weird, yes I had normal stress, but I had an anxiety that could not be cured no matter how much therapy I went through. FINALLY I met my current therapist who referred me to a naturopath. This guy told me to cut the gluten and refined sugar, and miraculously I started feeling better. Stomach and anxiety wise.

So now 2 years later my anxiety is pretty in check, but I have recently started noticing something strange. A few days ago I went to an entirely gluten free bakery. I walked in, got a huge whiff of the baking goods, and I panicked! Just the thought of being in a bakery, picking up a loaf of bread, and I flip out. It must be a deep rooted psychological reaction to the 22 years I was poisoning my body. But my question is, how do I conquer my deep subconscious and convince myself that going to a bakery and getting a loaf of bread is not going to make me sick. That night I made sandwiches for dinner. As I was cooking the bread and making my sandwich, I got the panic feeling again. It took me a lot of convincing myself that the bread really was gluten free to be able to eat my sandwich. Has anyone else encountered this sort of thing or am I just crazy?


2 responses to “Am I Afraid Of Gluten?

  1. I don’t think you are crazy but I do think that a therapist could help you get past this.
    I don’t panic, but I get very uncomfortable if I think I am being exposed to gluten.
    You might want to read my story in a nut shell on my blog.
    Take care of you.
    For addition information and support, you might consider joining

    • I will read your story on your blog. I am in therapy, have been for quite some time. My therapist is currently trying to find a way to over come the subconscious part of me that panics around gluten containing products. It is so amazing how this disease affects all parts of the body. Thanks for reading.

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