Not Just Allergic To Gluten

Being a Celiac is hard enough, but what do you do when you have a laundry list of other things you are allergic to?

Here is my list:



Peanuts and Almonds

Any Sugar more refined than Evaporated Cane Juice




Bell Peppers

House Cleaners




Their may be more, but Im not sure I want to know

With all these allergies it makes finding prepared gluten free food that I can eat very difficult.  I found a new bakery in Denver the other day called Debys Gluten Free Bakery, I was so excited! My thought was hopefully I will finally be able to buy some perpared foods, BUT….Everything is made with refined sugar! So frustrating. Plus all the Glutino products contain soy, a lot of gluten free products are made with corn.

To my understanding, sometimes the dairy, and corn allergies can begin to subside once the intenstine begins to heal. I am hoping this is the case. It certainly would make eating a lot easier.

I would love some to hear if anyone else has had experiences with other sensitivities going away the longer you are gluten free.

Thanks for reading


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