Too Tolerant of Gluten-Intolerance? WHAT?

Last week their was an article posted on Many of you probably read it, and if you are anything like me you probably found it somewhat offensive.

The article is: Throwing Out the Wheat. Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?

By Daniel Engber

First of all the title, “Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?” Seriously? Seriously? Who in their right mind would think this. Any one who has an experience with a gluten free diet knows that people are, if anything, not very tolerant about it. Families don’t get it, friends don’t get it, co-workers don’t get it.

Celiacs not being able to eat gluten is not a personal attack on the staple crops of the America, as Daniel alluded to. And what is the problem with being health consious? Just becaue people are taking their own health into their own hands is a good thing. Is it a bad thing for the companies using chemicals that are not helathy for human consumption, yes, but it’s time that we demand stricter food labeling laws.

I could go on and rant about this article for hours, but I wont. Here is the link to the original article: Are we being too tolerant of gluten-intolerance?

After you read that article, read this one. This is a fantastic response to Daniel’s article, and much nicer than the response I would have made… Ron Hoggan\’s Response to Unfortunate \”Throwing Out the Wheat\” Article in Slate

I urge you all to read both articles, and comment. Espcially on the orginal article. As celiacs, or gluten-intolerant we need to stand up for ourselves.


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