Cross Contamination Worries

As any celiac knows one of the biggest concerns of the diet is cross contamination. How do you stay safe? I know that if I ingest even the tiniest crumb containing gluten I have a reaction, but there is another way I get glutened that I am having a hard time understanding.

Here’s what I posted on the forum:

“I am extremely careful about cross contamination and always check ingredients and check with manufacturers. I also can tell immediately when I have been glutened, my symptoms are always the same and always come in the same order. I always get migraines when I get glutened.

So heres’ my question. Yesterday I did two things differently. I had a morning meeting and there was a box of fresh bagels in the room, I hate the smell of baked stuff like that now. The other thing I did differently was I bought a new bottle of Boulder Hot Sauce. I always eat this hot sauce and have never reacted. I wrote them an email and to my understanding as of right now they have not changed their ingredients or processing at all. It also had the same expiration date  as the last bottle I bought and when I contacted them they said that meant it was from the same batch.

Is it possible to have a gluten reaction from breathing around gluten containing foods. This may be a silly question but I am trying to figure out what happened. I did not get near the bagels, I did not touch crumbs, in fact I didn’t even touch the table they were on, I washed my hands immediately after the meeting and before I ate.

Any thoughts would be great.”

So the response was interesting. There seems to be a general agreement that there is no way to actually be glutened by breathing around gluten containing food unless loose flour is in the air. However, there may be a psychological response that triggers a physiological reaction. I brought this up to my therapist and she is now the hunt for the answer. I will keep posting what she finds, but I would love to hear from people who have had similar experiences.

As always, Thanks for reading.


One response to “Cross Contamination Worries

  1. Interesting question.
    I have had dermatitis herpetiformis and unexplained bouts of diarrhea and wondered the same thing. Can it be from breathing it in?
    I work in a fire hall and my office is right next to the kitchen. I smell their bread baking, toast toasting and all their other foods cooking. Hmmm. You gotta wonder.

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